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Bonus Print Review

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Bonusprint.co.uk is a great site that enables you to create a tremendous variety of photo gifts by uploading your own pictures and helping you make really unique gifts to be treasured.

One of the first things that should be mentioned is that Bonusprint.co.uk isn't a dedicated greeting card site per se. Instead, it deals in a range of photogifts. As you might have guessed, it's possible to create photo cards, but you'll also find digital photo print developing and other photo gifts, including photo books, wall decor, calendars and diaries, bags, key rings, coasters and a whole lot more. The primary focus of this review however, will be upon photo cards.

The whole range of photo gifts can be accessed from the homepage by clicking on the appropriate tab. Clicking on the photo card tab opens up 4 card options; greeting cards, note cards, postcards and card gallery. Starting with greeting cards, these are available in 3 paper sizes (A6-small, A4-medium and A3-large). Envelopes are included and the ordering system is nice and simple, with prices starting from £0.45 per card. The cards are printed on thick paper stock (260 gsm) and both the material and print quality parallels that of store-bought cards. You can also select from a range of 14 border styles to frame the photo on the front of your card. It's possible to order any number of cards, from 1 to 100+. The general rule is that the more cards you order, the cheaper the price per card. That said, this isn't the cheapest site on which to buy photo cards. What's nice about the site though is that there's a clear and simple pricing structure outlining all greeting cards prices, so you always have an idea of what your items will cost in advance of ordering them. You can also specify for cards to be sent to you, or you can have them mailed straight to the recipient(s) wherever they are in the world, saving you the trouble. However, the cost of doing this may seem a little steep.

Postcards can be purchased in 2 sizes (4.1"x5.8" and 5.8"x8.2") and the deal is basically the same as for greeting cards in terms of the paper used (260 gsm) and print quality, being able to upload your photos and add text, as well as having the option of getting them mailed to you or directly to the recipient(s) for an additional fee (the same as applied to greeting cards). Because less paper is used (postcards are flat rather than folded) they cost significantly less. Again, the more you order, the cheaper the cost will be per card. It would be something of a novelty to send a postcard with a personalised photo rather than the usual scenic views or the enactment of a quaint local custom, though it would be a little more involved. If you travel with your own laptop then it could be feasible.

Note cards bear a striking resemblance to greeting cards but a little smaller (3"x4.1"), and are purchased in packs of 8. As with the other products already described, the print quality and materials used correspond to a similarly high standard and your friends will be pleased to receive a sentimental missive with your mugshot (possibly with rose clenched seductively between teeth) in the mail.

Finally, if you don't want to upload a photo of your own, you can browse greeting cards in the card gallery. Here you'll find plenty of cards to suit a range of occasions (e.g. anniversary, birthday, retirement and more). As with photo cards, after choosing your card, you can specify the size, add a message and either post directly to the recipient(s) or mail to yourself. The selection isn't especially good, with mostly humorous cartoon cards (probably unsuitable for a prudish, highly-strung great-aunt), so really you're better off uploading your own photo and creating a card that's more thoughtful. However, as a last resort, you might find something here, especially if you don't care too much for the recipient.

If you get a little stuck (which you shouldn't as this is a very easy-to-use and clearly navigable website) you can refer to an extensive FAQs section. If this doesn't resolve your query, Bonusprint.com offers freephone and email support to quickly resolve the issue.

Bonusprint.co.uk is a real winner; with a clearly laid out, easy to use website and a great range of personalisable products means that you'll certainly find the special gift or card you're looking for.

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