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Please note that Kodak Gallery has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Kodak Gallery below, or check out the rest of the UK Online Greeting Card Websites we've reviewed.

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Kodak Gallery Review

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Kodakgallery.co.uk is a fantastic way of storing, managing and sharing your photos. With some great photo card ideas, plus other great gift ranges, there's plenty to catch your eye on this clearly laid-out site.

An important point to make clear early on is that, rather than being a dedicated greeting card site, Kodakgallery.co.uk offers a wide range of photo gifts similar to another site in this category, Bonusprint.co.uk. This basically means that the selection of greeting cards may be less extensive than on other sites. However, you are compensated for this by getting a great range of quality photo card products as well as other photo gifts that would make great and unique presents to really make someone's day.

The website is clearly set out and no problem to navigate, even if it's your first time here. Generally it seems, those sites that are more dedicated to photo gifts than greeting cards are less cluttered and easier to use. So, if you're new to ordering greeting cards online and want to purchase photo cards, plumping for a site like this makes good sense. On the homepage you'll see clickable tabs displaying the range of products on offer. Principally, these comprise photo books, photo cards, prints and posters, calendars and photo gifts. This review will focus on greeting cards.

Whilst, overall, the quality of products is slightly better here than on Bonusprint.com, both are clearly arranged when it comes to creating photo cards. There's a couple of ways in which you can proceed, e.g. it's possible to browse photocards by occasion (e.g. baby, birthday, wedding), or by card types (e.g. note cards, accordion cards, stationery cards). Unlike Bonusprint.co.uk, there's a greater range of design templates to match the occasion, to which you can upload and add your photos. The designs you'll find here are colourful, contemporary and complement your photos perfectly. You'll find around 20-60 designs within each occasion category, giving you a good choice, though this depends on the occasion (more common occasions such as birthdays have more choices). You can also select blank design templates if you want something plainer or if you don't want a card for a specific occasion (160 designs). Prices are also given upfront; take care as sometimes, seemingly inexplicably, prices are quoted for single cards and at other times for sets of 10. You should also take further care as the prices quoted seem incredibly low, which is because they refer to bulk prices. A little sneaky, don't you think? As you'd expect from Kodak, the print and paper quality lends a professional appearance to your photo cards. You can order anything from a single card to 200+. The more you order, the cheaper the price per card. For the casual one-off buyer, photo cards are fairly reasonably priced, though be aware that the cost will vary depending on the design you choose.

In addition to photocards, you'll find some other card variations in the same category. The principal is the same; choose your card, personalise by adding your own photo(s) and text, though there are some subtle differences between formats. Whilst classic fold cards conform to a regular card shape, foldover cards are slightly smaller (5.1"x5.1") and comprise 3 panels that fold to create a standable 3-d triangle displaying your images and text. Notecards are even smaller (3.5"x5") folded cards, similar to the classic fold card. Accordion cards are fun, comprising a series of panels with your photos and text (can accommodate up to 10 photos). Finally, stationery cards (5"x7") are sold in sets of 10 and are flat cards. In sum, there's a terrific range of card types, design templates and styles to suit even the most specific request. So, if you're looking for photo cards, especially something a little distinctive, come and take a look. It's well worth registering with the site, not only because it's free, but also because it's a great way of storing, managing and sharing your uploaded photos. Plus, when you place your first order, you get 50% off  the cost, which is a great offer not to be missed.  In case of any queries, you'll find a really informative and detailed help section on the site; if you need to request further assistance there's just the email help form to rely upon.

You'll find loads of card and gift ideas on Kodakgallery.com. The choice and quality is very impressive and the prices are reasonable. Make sure you check out this site.

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Please note that Kodak Gallery has now been discontinued.

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